This is a Post about Cursive

Ah, cursive. The first thing in school that actually made us want to snap our beloved Transformers pencils in pure, unfiltered frustration.


As kids, we would all dread Language Arts time as we all knew it lead to only one thing.

Cursive writing lessons.

For who knows how long, we would sit there, trying to get our letters perfectly matched up within the lines. However, relief was brought once again when every letter had been mastered to the best of our abilities and the entire alphabet had been memorized in both styles. Of course, this relief was once again shattered when it came time to write whole sentences.

Now, as odd as this sounds, I used to be a lefty when I was little (I’m now right handed. It switched somewhere along the years). So while every other girl was creating beautifully crafted words without so much as a twitch of the eye, I was smearing just about everything that came out of my pen or pencil. And then the rift grew. I’m not going to describe the relationship between me and cursive, but let’s just say that we aren’t on speaking terms anymore.

So there we were, a bunch of kids who didn’t have enough patience to wait for the new episode of Spongebob to come out, much less how to re-learn something we were already struggling to do. But wasn’t it worth it? Remember what the teacher said? “In fifth grade, you HAVE to turn your papers in ALL cursive.” Yeah, that’s exactly it. So I guess that, in the end, we all learned a wonderful lesson on how to wait through the hardships because everything will turn out smiles and sunshine later on in life and we’ll all be able to shoot rainbows out of our mouths, right?


I should be able to do this by now. Why can I not do this yet?!

A whole year of fourth grade and nothing happens. Alright, fair enough. I guess we haven’t gotten to the big guns yet. But in fifth grade, all will change. Fifth is the very top; the big kids, the head honchos, the kings of the school. We will all go into the fifth grade as children and come out as men (or women).

"Out of the way, sir. I'm a fifth grader."

Fifth grade arrives and we charge in, lined paper ready to go and our hands itching to show off our mad cursive skills. The first few months go by and no sign of connecting any of our letters. So do the next few. And the next. And the ne – wait a minute. School is…over.

The first few weeks of summer are a bittersweet experience. On one hand, you are free of school and able to hang out with all your friends. You can go out into the world on vacations, roll around in the sweet dewy grass of the early dawns when you would usually be at school. The bedtime hours slowly creep later and later, meaning more time to spend outside running through the sprinklers and coming back absolutely soaked, but a grin stretched across your face. On the other hand, where is the cursive?!

But as much as I dislike cursive, maybe it kinda sorta helped me a little bit. It helped out the random symbols on my paper turn into actually legible words. Not neat. Le-gi-ble.

Most, if not all, signatures are in cursive, and some teachers prefer to use it instead of regular writing. Also, note taking is sped up by the influence of connecting letters.

So, I guess it isn’t ENTIRELY useless. Schools should probably continue teaching it, but not as long as they used to.

Still, while that hint of affection for cursive lies deep within my soul, I will always be bitter towards it until SOMEONE can replace the pencil that I used to use with Optimus Primes’ face plastered all over it.

I'll remember you...always...



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10 responses to “This is a Post about Cursive

  1. I love your use of pictures, and it was funny. HAHA I actually enjoyed learning cursive… but I agree that it helps improve handwriting. 😀

  2. To tell you the truth, cursive is something hate with a BURNING passion. Perhaps my only exception are the letters g and y. I remember the days where I’d sit in my desk and clutching my extremely sore hand. I’d hug my knees (because I used to be that small) and rock back and forth, cradling my hand. My poor, poor hand.

    • Most everybody can hug their knees, granted that there isn’t anything on their arms obstructing them from doing so (too much muscle etc.) Anatomy, my dear child.

  3. I agree with ashley; it hurts my hand too. This blog post was so funny :). I laughed out loud for you use of pictures.

  4. I know rightt? –; We never even used cursived after 5th grade for school related things. I feel like the teachers ran out of things to spend their time on, and gave us an extra 34030403 months of cursive.
    Aside from my hatred of cursivee-
    HAHA, why are your blogs always so funnnyyy?(:
    Loving the pictures. :]

    Hey. But side note; you need to cursive for the SAT. Its not like a question or anything but its a contract thing in the middle of the test that states they can use your test as an example on collegeboard blahblah legal stuff. And you have to copy it in cursive. Guess who never learned cursive and took like 10 minutes writing it and everyone was done and we were about to begin and I wasn’t even mentally prepared for the next section because I was still stressing about the statement I didnt finish.

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