This is Post about Highschool

Don’t you hate it when you’re walking down the hallway and the Jocks all gang up on you to throw you in the trashcan? And doesn’t it SUCK when the Cheerleaders go up to you and say that your hair looks disgusting and no guy would ever want to date you?

What’s that? That’s never happened you say?


While high school does have its groups and cliques, I have yet to see them go into an all out, free for all brawl in the middle of the hallways due to territorial disputes, only to break out into song and a very well choreographed dance moments later and – WHY DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE?!

High School Musical, why must you mock me so?!

…Ahem. Moving on…

Speak certainly does hold some truth. However, like most young adult novels, it exaggerates it. Melinda’s life is pretty much a worst case scenario. Everything that could go wrong did. It’s like going out on a QT run, only to run into a hungry grizzly bear that proceeds to maul you. And as you drag yourself to the nearest building, a polar bear appears and kicks you in the stomach for melting the polar ice caps before swaggering away back to the North Pole. Weakly, your eyes gaze up  see a silhouette against the fading sun. The figure reaches out to you and says something that you can barely hear, and for a moment you doubt yourself, but decide to trust the stranger anyways. At the moment, the person looks something like an angel, and there’s no where else to go. As your trembling hand finally nears the extended one waiting for you…

The homeless man that found you steals your wallet.

"Thanks for paying for dinner, man."

Yup, that’s exactly what it’s like (not really, but who’s counting).

I mean, really. The people that you THINK don’t have any friends probably do have others that they hang around with. You just don’t see it as much as someone who is constantly swarmed by a group of people. Wait for the right moment and you’ll see that the awkward kid in the back of the math class actually does have absolutely no one after all have a tight knit group.

I think some people just need to take a step back and realize that high school isn’t that bad. Everyone is just so over hyped and worried about it. Nobody cares if you aren’t wearing the newest line of clothes that came out just yesterday. Nobody is going to dump their lunch on you just because you have braces.

We all just need to sit back, take a breather, hug a red panda or something.


Seriously. Those little buggers are just ADORABLE. How can anyone NOT feel better just by looking at one?

"Stare at me too long and I will eat your soul."

. . .



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15 responses to “This is Post about Highschool

    Oh Red Pandas, you're still cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Oh red pandas, . . . Don't eat my soul.

  2. I think Melinda’s worst scenario is a high school-y realistic kind of scenario. Yours is just a fiction scenario that may POSSIBLY HAPPEN if bears evolve…..maybe into some cool pokemon.

    • It’s not fiction.
      It happened to me last week.
      All I wanted were some Icebreakers… -shudders-

      • It’s ok Marri, not everyone can have pure luck. It just isn’t possible for most of us. Sigh. By the way, I agree with how you…..described Melinda’s situation (so a polar bear kicked? really? were you even able to get any icebreakers?). Also, I did end up bursting into laughter. You can sooth the pain by hugging the red panda, just don’t stare at it too long.

      • Yes, orangeade Icebreakers, in fact. very delicious, very soothing.

  3. Your blogs make my day….
    I’m going to go hug a red panda now.
    Toodles ❤

  4. I agree with lillian:D You’re blogs make my day~ Okay yeah I think the story is exaggerated but even for the worst case scenario… it wouldn’t be as bad as Meiinda’s. Her life is just TOO horrible):

    • Pffft. Getting mauled by two separate bears then being robbed by a homeless man < Melinda's story.
      I mean, her life IS awful, but it takes pretty awful karma to get drop kicked in the stomach by a polar bear while you're in Georgia.

  5. HAHA, loving the highschool musical exampleee. I was about to use it, and then I saw your post. Thanks.. :/
    Hilarious blog thoughhh 😀

  6. I literally just gave a new meaning to rolling on the floor laughing!! I love this post so much:):):) Nice high school musical reference.
    Possession by Red Panda is a very serious crime. Almost as close to being drop kicked by a Chuck Norris polar bear. These things should not be taken lightly!!!

    • Yes! Someone who understands the seriousness of being kicked by a polar bear!

      • My sentiments exactly! It’s right up there with being shoved by a toucan and being slapped by a chameleon. They just sneak up on you, being all invisible and stuff, and then BAM. Red paw mark across your face. All incidents should be reported immeadiately.

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