This is a Post about Identity

If you are reading this, congratulations! You have managed to either read through or scroll past the NOVEL that is the entry up there ^

If you aren’t reading this from the homepage, go do that right now. It’ll make more sense and I won’t seem like a total raving lunatic (although I have the feeling that I’ve already given off that impression by now).

And now, back to your normally scheduled entry.

Really kids of today?


You’re going to let a FACEBOOK page make you sad?

I’m not talking about the cyber bullying here – I can see how that can make a person depressed – I’m talking about how kids are getting all broken down just because some person has more friends than you, or makes a status about what a great time they had at a sleepover.

Hey, guess what? They probably don’t even know 90 % of the people on that stupid list. They get a friend request? “SURE RANDOM STRANGER WHO IS THIRTY YEARS OLDER THAN ME, I’LL ADD YOU.”

Yup. Totally safe.

Does that look like a good choice to you? Because if it does, you need to go back to the first grade and learn about stranger danger.

And why should you be upset if someone makes a status update about how they had a wonderful time with a friend? In fact, let’s make this a scenario.
A friend of yours posts up an update. It says, “Movies with Jane Doe and Mary Sue was soooo fun! We should do it again sometime! 🙂 ” Do you:

A.) Acknowledge the fact they had a good time and move on.

B.) Jokingly ask why you weren’t invited to start a conversation.

C.) Make plans to join the group and watch a movie at another time.


D.) Have a fit and drag yourself to the nearest corner before assuming the fetal position and repeatedly murmuring, “I am loved, I am loved, I am loved…”

You know, maybe I’m just being a major jerk wad about this whole thing, but I just can’t get my head around this concept. Why should it matter that someone over the internet has more “friends” than you? For those of you who burn in the sunlight from being inside so much, there is a way to socialize outside of facebook.

"I-I don't understand...what is an outside?"

Does spending most of your time obsessing over friend requests make you a better person? Obviously, no. In the end, that’s not going to shape up your identity (ah, there’s the keyword). Sure people can tell you that you’re stupid and ugly, but just because they say that doesn’t mean you will become that. It might impact who you are, but in the end, it’s up to you whether you want to change to fit their expectations or not.

For instance, let’s say you spend all your spare time at the local animal shelter. Every weekend you go to the soup kitchen to feed the homeless. Now let’s put a Dumb Butt McJerkface (a.k.a the harshest insult known to man) into the equation. This Dumb Butt McJerkface swaggers over to you and calls you a horrible person as Dumb Butt McJerkfaces often do. There’s a large chance that you will not suddenly walk over to the nearest, most adorable puppy and punt it across the country. If you do, please submit yourself to science so that they may research.

That's you in there.



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12 responses to “This is a Post about Identity

  1. I agree with you on overreacting over statuses about Jane Doe and Mary Sue and such. What has come down to? FB and youtube? Then again, I like youtube, so take that back. I also like FB . . . to an extent. Mostly cause of the games they offer on there.

  2. Seriously marri. you need to become a writer.
    Also, sometimes I feel obliged to write some of those statuses myself just to make myself seem like I know what the “outside world” is:

    Facebook Feed Example:

    Random kid: repost if ur the 1% who will repost and is against pokemon abuse

    Random kid 2 is now single

    Justin Lee: Just went snorkeling with @ArnoldSchwarzanegger, and @SarahPalin and had a great time! Can’t wait to go bear wrestling with @BearGryllis tomorrow!

    Random kid 3 likes @stepping on crunchy leaves

  3. Marri, you are the most awesome person ever. Have I ever told you that??
    “I-I don’t understand… What is an outside?” THAT IS ME RIGHT THERE. YEP.
    But you make some really good points about the Facebook thing. Seriously :/ I don’t get why kids get that upset over it. I don’t even know how many Facebook friends I have, and I HATE being tagged |D
    Great job on this entry, as usual~

    • Taylor, you are the second most awesome person ever. Have I ever told you that?

      And yeah, I can’t even remember the last time I checked how many friends I have…
      Well, I just checked right now, so I guess that kind of ruins that whole statement.

      I should probably stop this comment before it gets awkward.

      Which it just has…I think…

  4. Marri Kang. You have done it again, Your Royal Highness. I bow down to you humblely in your presence of writing and comedy genius. So much for monotheism, Ms. Kang, because I officially worship you now.
    By the way, I read the tags on your wax museum post. So you still owe me a cookie despite your godly status!

    • Actually, Nancy, the correct title is MRS.Kang, because I’m married. To comedy.

      Oh, and by cookie, I didn’t mean the edible kind. I meant the HTTP kind. So technically, this promised cookie is already located somewhere within your computer’s programming.
      You’re welcome.

  5. MARRI I LOVE UR POSTS LOL SO FUN TO READ~~ HEHE WELL. I AGREEEEE but i also understand how some people can get bothered by facebook stuff><


  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA, I just started laughing, and my parents turn around and go: .________.
    Ohgoodness, after reading your blogs. I don’t want to make mine –”
    I love your last picture:)
    PSSTTTT: that’s me in there (;

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