This is a Post about Censorship (uncensored)

Censorship is getting ridiculous.

Is it just me, or does it seem like parents are just getting more and more sensitive as time goes on? Anything that vaguely relates to violence or sexuality is suddenly, “INAPPROPRIATE FOR MY CHILD”. It doesn’t matter that sometimes these themes can be used to drive a message, all they know is that a child got a cut and that is NOT okay.

"A kid fell and hurt himself? NOT ON MY WATCH."

What happens if an important part of the story lays within this “inappropriate material”? Think about your favorite Disney movie. Chances are, the villain is killed off in some bloodless fashion or is sent off to never to be seen again. Most of the time, it’s the main character hero person that comes to do the job, and there’s always a good reason. In The Lion King, Scar is killed because he was pretty much being a jerk to everything that moved and…you know…killed Mufasa…


So, let’s just say that overly sensitive parent number one is offended by this material. And, for some crazy reason that exists only in this made up scenario, the movie theaters are forced to cut that scene out and everything related to that scene. So now all you have is Simba trying to kill his uncle despite the fact that he has done nothing to do with the mysterious disappearance of his father.

Wow, what a wonderful message!

And yes, that WAS internet sarcasm.

As humans, we tend to fill in blanks with whatever the heck it is we want to be in there, and that leads to misunderstandings.

Here’s an example:

You know what? I’m glad that they didn’t invite me to that (bleep)ing party. Know why? Because everything that comes out of their mouths is complete and utter (beep). They can all just (beep) themselves.

Here’s the uncensored version:

You know what? I’m glad that they didn’t invite me to that exciting party. Know why? Because everything that comes out of their mouths is complete and utter intelligence. They can all just enjoy themselves.

See, technically this isn't inappropriate, so I'm not going to get busted by the censorship police.

And what’s all this about material influencing children? I mean sure, some horrible things have happened because of violent videogames, but how come everyone that’s playing them isn’t going off on a killing spree?

It doesn’t depend on age, it depends on maturity. If you’re a parent and your innocent five year old asks you to buy him a copy of Let’s Cause Unnecessary Violence: The Sequel, and you do and he smashes all your glass vases, guess what? Not the industries problem. YOUR problem.

But if that five year old has miraculously learned to accept the consequences of violence and knows that these kinds of things should not occur in real life due to the emotional and physical damage it causes people, then by all means, go right ahead.

So you know what? If you want to have a secret library in your locker, you go ahead. You want to write a story with some “inappropriate” material? Have a ball. After all, I’ve been exposed to these things and I haven’t turned into a raving psychopath.




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12 responses to “This is a Post about Censorship (uncensored)

  1. Some people say that The Lion King should not be viewed by children because they will be emotionally scarred by the killing stuff.
    Here’s what I say: let my children be emotionally scarred. After watching that movie, they will be wiser and smarter and overall just generally more awesome so the emotional scarring will go over their heads.
    Any child who has not seen this film is deprived. I’m going to grow up and become a congressman and require every child to watch the movie because if they never seen it is therefore child abuse and just plain WRONG.

    • Pfffft. Some people these days…
      Yes, the Lion King should be required in order to obtain your, “I have a childhood” license. Any of those who do otherwise will have to come back in the following month on the first Tuesday and fill out the form where it will be sent to processing.

  2. Dang, your really good at this. I used to love the Lion King. Did you guys know that there is a Lion King 1 1/2. I think I have it. I used to love the music in that movie. I think it would be cool to see the Lion King show in New York City. I also heard its coming out in 3D. A coona mat ta ta!

  3. I agree with you censorship is outrageous

  4. YEAH MARRI you make censorship sound RIDICULOUS… haha i agree it can be good but sometimes it gets out of hands><

  5. When I was reading the (bleep)ed paragraph, I was thinking… ohlordy, Marri Kang you wouldn’t . . –”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,that made my day 🙂

  6. You make a lot of great points in this~ Great job! 😀

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