This is a Post about Banned Books

Raise your hand if you have never heard of Stephen King.

If your hand is raised, you are very underexposed to the world of horror literature (and just literature in general really) and you probably look ridiculous.
No really, how many people do you know spontaneously throw their hand into the air while doing the computer? If you just answered that aloud, I have no idea what to say to you. Although if I did have an idea, it would probably sound something along the lines of, “Stop taking everything I say literally.”

Anyways, the point here is that Stephen King is really famous.

Lovin' life.

So if we’re going to read a banned book, why not Stephen King? After all, he’s hailed as the king of horror, and personally I like horror. I’ve never read any of his books, either, which made me feel a little dead on the inside.

Truth be told, I was expecting a few books of his to be on that list. I felt it in my bones (and my common sense). Another option was Cujo, but Carrie seemed to be a lot more interesting. Just a basic, spoiler-less recap of the two books:

Cujo is about a rabid dog terrorizing a family.

Carrie is about a telekinetic girl who gets revenge on people who teased her.

So yeah. I know that a scary story that has a dog as the main antagonist will only end in it dying somehow. But humans dying? Fine by me.


"Whoa there, j-just let me explain."

Okay, okay. I’m pretty sure some of you know where I’m coming from. It’s just so darn sad when an animal is killed in a movie, book or whatever.

So, you know when you’re watching a movie and the little sister dies and you’re just like, “Yeah sure okay.” but then the DOG dies and suddenly it’s like the world has crumbled beneath your feet and you end up collapsing on the floor in a puddle of your own tears while others join you in your pity fest as you begin to flood the theater.

No? Just me?
Well, this is awkward…


"It's perfectly normal, I swear."

It’s really freaking hard getting any information on it, though. The entire working period in Language Arts all I did was sit there and type in as many different search terms as my tiny, overworked brain could think of, and all I could get were a series of cookbooks by some lady named Carrie (sadly I’ve forgotten her last name).

I’m serious, she’s written like 35 cook books and they’re all on different topics. And I went through all of the articles about them.

Really, I read every single one.

Why, you may ask? Honestly, I have no idea. Something about it was so…enticing. It’s like the lady knows everything. She wrote one about grilling and healthy eating and even one entirely devoted to chocolate recipes. What kind of genius has the capacity to do all of that? How does she know so much?

Most of us only know how to make a decent bowl of scrambled eggs at best, and here she is going through books and books and BOOKS all about cooking. Conclusion: she’s a wizard and we must find her.

I'm on to you woman.

Me? Off topic? Never.

Moving back to Carrie (the book, not the wizard), I’ve already finished reading it and I can say that’s it a good book, so go check it out. It can get pretty violent, but it’s all worth it for the story.

Read it and then read it to your children as a bedtime story riiiight as they start to drift off into sweet dreams of puppies and rainbows and possibly end up scarring them for life in the process.

"Thanks for nothing."

The reply?

“You’re welcome.”



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14 responses to “This is a Post about Banned Books

  1. Good post. The only really big problem with Carrie though is she gets a bucket of pig blood dumped on her and she has her revenge. It’s not as if being scary is a problem, because It, Salem’s Lot, Pet Sematary, etc. aren’t banned. Of course there’s some other things, but maybe the problem is that Stephen King really isn’t an author whose books are assigned at schools.

    • True, although after reading the book, there are quite a couple of instances of “sexual situations”, so that combined with everything else is probably why it got banned (it’s not really that bad though).

  2. *lowers hand* What do you mean it was a rhetorical question!!

  3. Honestly, Marri XDD You’re definitely one of my favorite blogs. Carrie seems pretty interesting though~ I might want to go and check it out ^_^

  4. another amusing blog as usual:)
    . . that Carrie picture gives me nightmares.

  5. annabel9thlit

    Hi Marri~ OH I almost chose Carrie too but then I thought it might give me nightmares or weird thoughts so I picked something more peaceful. Anyways reading your blog was a LOT of fun and I am going to go and read your other posts now. I should have discovered your blog before xD

  6. That is very good, tell me how the book is

    BTW you write really long prompts Good Job

  7. Nice pictures you got there.
    Carrie sounds… be honest, I find the girl creepy, and I don’t really feel like reading it. But I will. I will.
    Oh. I heard that in I Am Legend, everyone was like “Oh, ok. So that person died,” and then the dog died and people were like “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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