This is a Post about Dracula

Remember when this blog used to be about school assignments and not school drama productions?

Yeah. That was nice.

So obviously this is a post about Dracula. I was about to do one for Women of Lockerbie, but I realized people probably wouldn’t want to read it seeing as though pretty much everyone was already doing their own responses. And just to prove that I’m not messing around when I say I really REALLY liked the play, let me just say this. I set aside about an hour to finish a two page response but I actually ended up finishing a three and a half page response in about twenty five minutes. Yeah, that’s right.

Haters gonna hate; cookies gonna bake.

Now a flawless transition to make the switch from cookies to Dracula seem less clunky.

So as you all can probably guess, I was bouncing off the walls in anticipation for this play. Basically, I sat there and waited for this whole month to pass by just so I could watch it. In other words, my social life is so dull that I completely disregard it in favor for drama productions.

Stop judging me.

Okay, so I over exaggerated, but that’s not the point here!

"You going to get this thing started or what?"

Anyways, I had the pleasure of seeing the play twice in a row (once for keyboard class and then right after for Language Arts) and got to see both versions of the cast.

Both versions were spectacular, by the way. It was interesting to see the different ways that the lines were acted out. Also just as interesting was seeing the way that actors reacted whenever there was a lighting mishap and they had to make up for the mistake. Sorry, but I still find that kind of funny.

So one of my favorite characters was Renfield. Serious props to the actor, that was a pretty amazing portrayal right there. It was so convincing, for a second I considered checking myself into an asylum because it was just that good. While many of the other characters revolve around love or logic; Renfield is plain off his freaking rocker, and whenever he pops up, you just know something crazy is about to happen. The insanity just creeps into the mind slowly, and there’s a chance that you probably wouldn’t even notice it. Incredibly well written character and incredible performance as well.

And so children, a round of applause please?

Nicely done.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that kiss between Lucy and Seward. Ow OW, am I right? But really, I was NOT expecting that. Usually it’s like that awkward twisting thing where they the lips don’t really meet, but I guess Northview is above that. If their lips really didn’t meet, then they must be using some crazy angles or something because that right there looked intense. Probably crazy awkward as well if the actors are just friends or whatnot. Couldn’t really tell though because the acting was so good. You would probably think that they actually did love each other. Once again; props. I don’t think I would ever be able to do that.



 And Dracula? Woo boy, that was creepy. If he walked through the audience while acting, I’m pretty sure a few people would have to leave the theater to change their pants. Everything about him is just downright creepy; that’s the only word I can think of to describe him. He even shaves for Harker. Who DOES that?!

Perfect choice for the role, too. The actor has got that slightering kinda voice that you would think would belong to the Count, and in addition to that, the last kind of voice I would want to hear right before I go to sleep (which, mind you, is a good thing).

"Sssssweet dreamsssssss..."

 Did I mention Van Helsing is a totally kick butt character? No? Okay. Because he (or she, depending on the period you watched it) is a totally kick butt character. Even the entrance round house kicks you right in the face. I’m assuming that the drama class likes to have the cast zoom around through the seats and stuff, but that’s perfectly fine because I LOVE it when they do that. It’s just so much more immersive that way; like the real thing is unfolding right before your very eyes and you’ve just lay witness to it rather than just watching some people recite lines.

Back to Helsing, he seems like the kind of guy to flip over a table just to prove a point, and I think both actors got that basic point across just perfectly. However, the first version I watched seemed more, “Out of the way mosuckras! I’m here to demolish some freaking vampires.” whereas the second one seemed more like an authoritative person that demanded your respect and is going to get it. Oh, and I found it pretty amusing that people were indifferent to the male Helsing getting grabbed by the throat but collectively gasped when the female Van Helsing was getting tossed around. Another side note; male Helsing has the best sideburns ever.

Next to Wolverine, of course.

You can tell I’m getting too excited about sideburns when I almost forget to talk about my favorite scenes.

Anyways, there’s that one part where the storm is going on and first it’s Lucy and Mina, and Mina’s basically being freaked out while Lucy talks about some ship and it’s starting to get chaotic. Scene switch to Renfield yelling about his master and then attacking one of the asylum workers. Yet another switch to Harker who, by this point, has gone mad as well. Suddenly, all the scenes go on at the same time and the noise just merges into this huge cacophony and everyone’s heads are whipping around, trying to take in all the scenes at one times. Lucy flashes into a rant, her voice raising steadily and steadily into it’s a full blown yell. Harker, too, has gone up tenfold in volume as his voice fills the auditorium and the veins on his neck stand out. Renfield is still over taking the worker, babbling on about his master, a firm grip still placed on the neck of the man. Bedlam is rampant on the stage; on the walls. Still people are looking about wildly, trying to piece together the fragments of dialogue that they can make out to complete the story that’s already running loose in their heads.

All of a sudden, Winston is dragged off by a pale, bloody girl, his agonized screams continuing the entire way. The light shuts off. Renfield breaks the neck of his captive amidst the protests, eyes wide and crazed. The light shuts off. All this time, Lucy has continued with her vision, rambling on about the ship and the waves. The light shuts off.

Fantastic, just f a n t a s t i c. Such power! Such emotion!

It’s simply…simply…

Give me a second, I just...need to work this out.

Ha ha, just kidding. I don’t cry; I’m a soul-less monster.

So, will I write another response to the next advanced drama production? Who knows! Tune in next time for the next installment of This is a Blog!

Insert melodramatic music here.



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  1. I REMEMBER THAT KISS. I WAS LIKE, “Was NOT expecting that.”

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