This is a Post about Censorship Units

Hey guys.

I said I would update on time.

I said I would never update late again.

I’m also a compulsive liar.

Life happens.

Anywho, so if any of you guys have read my earlier post on censorship, you know I think it’s stupid. Like, choosing a regular straw over a bendy straw stupid. Yeah, I went there. What are you going to do, huh punk? Censor me or something? Ha! Like you could do that! Seriously, just – CENSORED .

Har de har har, me. Very funny.

I’m sorry, was that sarcasm that I detected?

I don’t know. Was it?

I’m such a sad child.

"Don't mind me. Just the daily routine."

So yeah. In case you guys haven’t noticed, I basically type every random thought that comes into my head when I’m doing these entries until I have a pretty good word count.

Sorry if that crushed any of your dreams.

Did I ever mention this post was supposed to be about our censorship unit?

Alright, so I’d just like to say that my class is freaking amazing when it comes to those debates. It’s like an all out, no holds barred brawl – the intellectual way. Actually, the Dr.Seuss debate wasn’t that logical. I think halfway through most of us were just going with the flow and yelling about how reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish was too overstimulating for children.

"Wait...was it the red fish first, o-or the blue fish?"

Yeah, we’re pretty awesome. And yeah, I am pretty conceited.

Oh oh, the books! I will say right now that, while I did enjoy both books, I don’t think I ever want to read 1984 ever again. At least, not all the way through. Those first two parts were so incredibly agonizing to get through, I seriously considered ripping out all the pages and making a paper mache pinata out of it and, instead of putting candy on the inside, putting in other books just to spite it.

That book within a book part didn’t help either.

If I wanted this, I would have bought it that way.

Thankfully the last part was good enough that it saved me from a lifetime in an asylum.

As for Fahrenheit 451 (misspelled it again), it was much MUCH easier to get through.

I found the little section after the book very intriguing  though. Rad Bradbury is quite the interesting man. I think at one point he says that he sits in a chair and just talks to himself. Just like me!

Best friends FOREVER!

What’s that? He’s actually listening to his characters and is doing that to flesh out the ideas that he uses in novels?

Oh. Well, this just went up about fifty notches on the awkward scale.

So now that I’m done with this entry, I think I’m going to go do something productive now.

Also, once again, I’m a compulsive liar.



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8 responses to “This is a Post about Censorship Units

  1. You’re right. The debates about Doctor Seuss were really fun! Paper mache pinata? Hahaha. Cute post!

  2. …….What is this. I wanted Ray Bradbury to be MY best friend ]:<
    haha, great post !(;

  3. Yeah the Dr.Seuss debates were really fun! I know I really got into it in our class! I totally agree with you about 1984! great post 🙂

  4. annabel9thlit

    Exactly! Why pick a regular straw when there’s a bendy straw!! xD I also had many times that I felt like I had to rip up 1984. Especially when Winston started reading that super long book filled to the brim with words!! I had to re-read that book so many times to finally understand it! = = Not fun. Anyways, hilarious post! ❤

    • I know, me too! I kept doing that thing where you kinda skim through and then realize you didn’t actually comprehend any of it and have to go back and read it AGAIN.

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