This is a Post about Life of Pi

“I’ve seen this before,” you may be saying. “You’ve already done a post about this, but under a different title. You…you’re a fraud!” And then you throw your computer monitor to the ground, smashing your fist into the screen. The glass shatters and scatters everywhere, a few smaller shards lodged into your knuckles. You let out a frenzied scream as the blood trickles down your hand and trails down your forearm, creating a bright red river.

Or, at least, that’s how I imagined it.

Oh, and fireworks. Everything is better with fireworks.

So yeah, I’m doing another entry about Life of Pi.

Whoa there! Don’t throw down your monitor just yet!

…I mean, I’m not trying to suppress your rights as a citizen to throw your monitor and punch it. Like, go ahead man, but uh…I just wanted to get on with this blog entry before you did that, ya know? So if you could try to hold in your roid rage until I’m done, that would be nice.

Righty-o, Life of Pi it is then!


So this isn’t a post about WHY I chose the book, but whether or not I recommend it. See? Different. You lower that fist, young man and or woman.

Anyways, I actually read this book a while ago. Like, a few days after college bound was first assigned. And I read it all in one day, just because I’m like that.

Without throwing out any major spoilers, I will say right now that this book has this twist at the end, and I know how you kids enjoy your twist endings. You read that whole book and then you get to that one point and kinda makes you wanna go, “Did…did I just read that right?” And then you flip back into the parts before that to see if everything fits and – goodness gracious great balls of fire – it does!

Sensible endings? Rejoice, my people!

And uh…yeah. That’s pretty much it.

Go and read the book.

It’s good, and good for you. Kinda like fruit salad.

"Oh salad, you make me laugh."


Yyyyyeah, I’m kinda rusty after that one week during break when we didn’t have a prompt to write about and now I’m just kinda blanking out. I can’t remember how I used to write these things.

OH AND ON A COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE, there’s an Advanced Production play coming up soon! Whooooo else is just as excited as me? Anyone? Yes? No?

Oh right. I forgot. I’m by myself typing up this entry and there’s no one else to respond to me except for maybe my cat.


Yeah, I think I’m done for today then…



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12 responses to “This is a Post about Life of Pi

  1. *throws computer down in a flurry of glass before stomping on it and throwing it out the window on to a head of an innocent bystander*
    BTdubbs, do you have a problem with people conversing comically with their salad of friut? Because my fruit salad makes me smile and laugh loudly.

    OH OH OH, and the ending thing, I know what you mean! Did anyone else cry at the almost-end of Mockingjay? Because I DID. And I STILL have not accepted it.

  2. Oh my goodness, Marri XD Your posts always make me laugh. EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH FIREWORKS~!

  3. Maybe I’ll go check the Life of Pi out! I heard it was hard to get through in the beginning but the end was good! Anf if it’s anything like a fruit salad, then you know it’s good!

  4. How did you know that I was just about to do that…..?
    Are you watching me or something? haha,anyways, great blog !(: Don’t worry, I think you’re writing skills are witty and hilarious as always (:

  5. annabel9thlit

    Haha Marri, I like how your posts always sound as if you are having a conversation with the reader xD Great job! I love your posts~~ It feels more personal 🙂 I keep hearing Life of Pi is horrible. I think you are the first to actually recommend it O.O but I guess I’ll go check it out someday.. it never hurts to read some more ^-^ By the way~~ I’m definitely as excited as you are about the play!! I always enjoy Northview’s plays!

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