This is a Post about Me

Why, hullo there my lovely readers. I’ve noticed that there was a spike in viewers today for some odd reason.

In other words, you all are procrastinating in some sort of way. Tut tut.

A wag of the finger to you.

Me? I’m on my break, I promise. No really, I am. Seriously, stop looking at me like that because I’m not lying. Cross my heart and hope to die. In fact, I have just gone over all the novels and other works of literature that we have read this semester (in other words, please don’t chew my head off Mrs.Lake).

So basically we’re already half way through the school year (insert gasp) and I realized that for those of you who don’t know me personally, I am just a block of text on a webpage. Sad, no? I already covered a few things about myself way back in the beginning of time with my first blog post, but let’s get into some details here, because I’m out of minutes on megavideo and it’s not allowing me to watch anything anymore.

So, we meet again.

Now that leads wonderfully into my first point because, well, it was what I was watching on megavideo prior to it kindly punting me out of its way. Go on, guess.

Alright, I’ll give.

It was Doctor Who.


Yes. Doctor Who.

Now for those of you who watch the series, it’s pretty obvious what it is. But based on my experience, for those of you who don’t know about the show, the reaction is usually just like the picture above. It’s always something like this:

“Oh, what kind of shows do you like to watch?”

“I like Doctor Who.”


“Yes, the doctor. He’s a time traveling alien.”

“He’s a…what?”

“An alien. With a screwdriver.”

Then cue the confusion and awkward glances for everyone.

So yeah. The only reason I haven’t mentioned it before is due to the fact that my love for the show was laying dormant, and it just recently popped up again so I’m just rewatching old seasons. Because that’s what I do.

Okay, so I actually just took a pause right then in real life to look over my notes again. It was about half an hour in my time, probably less than three seconds in yours. Just thought I would tell you all because it felt awkward coming back after a break and then acting like nothing happened. It just…didn’t feel right. I actually do feel a lot better now that I typed this out.

So moving on with this little rambling thing I’ve got going now, I wanted to tell you all that I have an unreasonable amount of useless talents.

I’m not even talking about useless talents like being able to ride a unicycle or something…

No offense to unicycle riders.

I mean, at least the unicycle gets you somewhere. I can only do things like make my fingers look all wiggly or make a clover with my tongue. Heck, I’ve got ambidextrous eyebrows.

What in the world am I supposed to do with ambidextrous eyebrows?!

Entertain elementary school children by wiggling my eyebrows to make a living?

Lo0k at myself in the mirror and pretend my eyebrows are a caterpillar?

Woo the crown prince of Anshlebekastan?

You can’t even see them because my bangs are so thick!

I can also do this other thing that makes it look like there’s a space or something rolling across my hands and…uh…it’s hard to explain. But as you can guess, it’s still pretty darn useless.

"I'll never get a job with this..."

Hm hm hm. Distracted by my books once again.

Anyways, I really like the smell of citrus-y fruits like oranges and lemons.

Like, a lot.

It’s just such a refreshing and natural and clean scent…if I could smell it all day without passing out from some kind of oxygen deprivation, then I’m pretty sure I would. Well, that is unless I got used to the smell and it just smelled normal to me. Then I guess I could alternate between normal air and scented through out the day. Or maybe alternate between two different kinds of citrus scents. Or maybe…

"We get it. I smell good."

So I feel like this is a good amount of me talking about myself and being a narcissist. On another note, feel free to leave a comment and tell me all about yourself. I’ll read all of it, even if you decide to write me an entire essay about yourself. Promise.

O-or, I mean, you don’t have to. I mean, it would be nice, but I know you have those finals to study for. Heh heh…


So yeah. My break time is up and I think it’s time for me to slink back to my studies. G’luck and don’t forget to wash behind your ears!



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2 responses to “This is a Post about Me

  1. ….I like the tags hehe
    thanks for distracting me for 3 minutes on my finals studying xD

    Facts about me:
    umm I like lamps and cheese and guacamole?

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