This is a Post about Commercials

Hi guys.

Oh goodness, it’s been a while.

I feel like I should be dusting spiderwebs off of the page or something, but I won’t because in reality it’s just a bunch of pixels and programming inside a database.

Well anyways, feels good to be back and whatnot.Moving onwards, I have to tell you about my favorite commercial. Problem being, I don’t really have one. I’ve seen so many good ones that they’ve all begun to mesh together in my head to form some kind of mega commercial that makes absolutely no sense.It’s pretty darn awesome.

There was no picture that could capture the amazingness. Also, I'm lazy.

Okay so this is the part where I show you the commercials I like and stuff so be ready cause you never know when it’s gonna happe-

Really panda? You gonna cut me off like that?

So yeah, that’s one of them. Creepy pandas, gotta love ’em. Plus, I can’t be the only one that thinks that cheese looks really good. It just looks so creamy and appetizing…

Anyways, I don’t have much to say about this one. It’s just funny.

Look at Steve. Look at how happy he is. He’s just dancin’ like there’s not tomorrow. How can you not feel happy for Steve? How can you not love that smile, that shirt, those crazy dance moves? I think there should be more Steves in this world. Go on, I won’t judge you.

Be a Steve.

Yeah, I’m too lazy to type stuff right now. I just ate dindin and I can feel a food coma coming on so…nyehhhh.

S’right. I went there. I just busted out the Old Spice. Soak it all in ladies, soak it all in. You too men. You know you want to.

So basically I’m like three seconds away from succumbing to that food coma I mentioned earlier and completely passing out onto my keyboard, so I’ll just leave this riiiiight here.

Oh wait, a little too far to the left…



Here. Yeah, here is good.



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11 responses to “This is a Post about Commercials

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  2. “You too, men. You know you want to.” |D Oh god, you’re the best, Marri XD

  3. I knew you would bring out the panda one. Love the commercials BTW.

  4. annabel9thlit

    Haha Marri, I LOVE the panda one~ AH I missed your posts! :3

  5. i always read your posts before starting on mine. smh, i was going to use the geico annoying pig squealing commercial.
    wait, what? i never said it was annoying.
    HAHA, i missed your blogs. steve commercial made me laugh like an idiot(;

  6. Omg the “Steve” Commercial was amazing! I used the Old Spice Commercial too! It’s my favorite. Good job on the post!

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