This is a Post about Journeys

Journey? Journey you say?



obvious reference to band….


Okay, I’m done I swear.

Anyways, I have to talk about which kind of journey is the most important one in my opinion, whether it be mental, physical, or emotional. That’s too sentimental and boring though, so I’ll tell you a story about this topic instead.

Well golly gee whiz, would you look at that. It seems that I happen to have a story about a journey tucked away in the good story bin. Let’s just dig this up right here. -ahem-

Once upon a time, there was a giaaaant sea monster named Maiselph. He would go around to the nearby villages and stomp on all their pumpkins, causing quite an uproar among the citizens.

“Fiend!” they would cry, shaking their fists at the cruel sea monster (although none of them stopped to question as to what a sea monster was doing on dry land squishing pumpkins).

Maiselph would simply look down upon the puny citizens and laugh.

“Silly humans! You will never stop me!” And then he would retreat back to his lair, located in the deepest part of the ocean. The residents would often try to chase after him, but always had to resurface due to the fact that they couldn’t breath underwater. An equal amount of times they had sat down in the water, hoping that they could form gills somehow to continue to pursuit, but that never worked either.

Then, one day, the most cunning young man and the strongest young man of the village decided to compete to see who could get rid of the sea monster first.

The brains of the duo spent his days inside the town library, studying on the history of the monster.

The stronger of the two went to the mountains to train his body so he could take down the monster.

Finally, the day came. Just as always, Maiselph emerged from the sea, his foot raised as he prepared to bring a swift end to the years pumpkin crops.

The smart young fellow tried to soothe him before he could do so.

“Mr.Sea Creature! Here my pleas! You don’t have to do this.” he cried. Curious, the monster stopped what he was doing and peered down at him.

“I don’t? But everyone tells me I look terrifying. I thought the only way I could prove this was by squashing pumpkins. I’m really just a sensitive little monster…” he sobbed. The young man nodded.

“Yes, just as I assumed. But do not be sad, as I know that the kindest being to ever step foot on this land is Maiselph.” The monster recoiled in disgust.

” ‘Myself’?!” he repeated. “My my, you are quite the conceited man. I’ll have to smash your pumpkins.”

And then the strong guy punched the dragon thing and it died.

“You see?” he laughed, “Physical training is much better than just reading books.”

The end.

So? Did you manage to draw out the message? It was hidden quite well in the ending.

You know, the guy who managed to win at everything by using the most important kind of journey. His journey is the one I think is the most useful.


That’s right, the top journey in my life is…







What do you mean that doesn’t make sense?

Obviously you thought I was being sarcastic when I said it was “hidden quite well in the ending”. In order to see the hidden ending, you have to get to Hawaii riding nothing but a poptart with wheels, then squeeze the juice of a fresh carrot into the gaping mouth of a panda.

Here it is for those of you who are too lazy: “But in the end, the sensitive, overly emotional guy got all the chicks and the other two died alone.”

See? Emotional wins all.


For those of you who are confused about what you just read, don’t worry. I am too. I just read over this and it makes absolutely no sense.


…what am I doing with my life…



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14 responses to “This is a Post about Journeys

  1. Your posts are always so amusing and I love the images you attach it with!b Great blog.

    I’m done.
    You crack me up as usual.
    I was really hoping a narwhal would beat up Maiselph at the end:( oh well. No one likes pumpkins anyway.

  3. meredithkeisler

    Marri=clever. I am a little sad about the killing of all those innocent pumpkins though.

  4. Oh my god, Marri. you have the best blog ever XD Great post this week!

  5. HAHAHA, I laughed for the longest time at your last sentence.
    What are you doing with your life? Making hilarious blogs to entertain us of course! Oh, and for honorslit.

  6. Lol Marri, you’re hilarious! Also I love the Journey reference!

  7. >types out long post
    >checks it over
    >doesn’t make sense.
    >posts anyways

    HAHA anyways even though your story reminded me of the dragon from the first episode of MLP, and had more plot twists than an M. Night Shamalayan movie…it still somehow made sense, and was very, very amusing! now to make it into a children’s book……

    • That’s how I make all my posts lol.
      I know, I’m hoping to get my book published by the end of the year, Hopefully I’ll get it made into a major motion film by the end of 2014.

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