This is a Post about War of the Worlds

Straight from the internet and out of the blue, it’s time for the monthly drama review!

…like what I did there? That little rhyme? Ha ha ha…okay I’ll stop.

Anyways, as many of you know, there was a play on Friday. You all know what happens when there’s a play. I come on here and type up a little extra tidbit to put alongside my actual blog prompt.

Yes? Good? Okay.

Moving on, the performance this time around was pretty different from what is usually performed. Instead of some big play filled with glowing sets and fake blood spurting out everywhere, it was relatively simple. Actors, a couple of chairs, a table, and a huge freaking screen to project images on.

Okay, so maybe that last one wasn't so subtle.

What was that thing anyways? It was pretty interesting. Turn on the lights in the back and you see the stage, turn off the lights and turn on the projector and you have something like a giant tv screen. I didn’t even know we had that. Just came outta nowhere, like boom. Here’s a giant screen that takes up the entire stage. Didn’t see it before? It was there, trusssssst me.

I rambled again. Sorry, bad habit.

So basically we got to watch War of the Worlds and it was pretty darn cool.

The original supposedly was so convincing it made people want to go out and kill some aliens and whatnot. Of course, no one was running out of the theater to grab their shotguns so it wasn’t quite the same, but not in a bad way.

Alright, so assuming that you didn’t hear the little intro where the entire play is explained to be…well, a play, it can be taken two totally different ways.

Close your eyes and suddenly you’ve the got the end of the world. Heat-rays, poison gas, you know. Everything you need to start the apocalypse, no big deal.

Open your eyes and you get a performance. A group of people at a radio station playing out the whole thing. Sure, it might sound a little unexciting, but it was really quite charming. Some people went back to get the occasional drink, some sat in quiet anticipation for their next lines, it was really…

What’s the word I’m looking for…

Lively? I dunno, the whole thing just seemed very down to earth somehow. Very tangible.

Okay, so that probably made no sense to the average human but still! My point still stands, very weakly, but it still stands nonetheless!

I have so much more I want to say but I swear that stack of homework is glaring at me…



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