This is a Post about EOCT

Today is Sunday, and blogs are due by Monday, which means if I don’t get this post done within four hours, I’m in some deep shiz.

But worry not, for I am here to finish this right. Now.

So for most of us, the EOC’s are coming up. And EOCTs are stupid.

Like trying to kill a fish by drowning it. You may be thinking, “Who would be stupid enough to do that?”. I’ll tell you who. If the EOCT was a person, it would definitely try to drown a fish.


Just, stupid.


Now that my tyrannical string of elementary level insults is over, I can explain why I think that the EOCTs are stupid.

For one thing, there’s the bell curve.

I don’t like the whole bell curve thing at all. Yeah yeah, they use it in colleges and whatever, but I still think it’s stupid. How well you did pretty much depends on how well everyone else did. So even if you’re a complete idiot (which I’m sure you are not) and bomb the test, it doesn’t matter as long as everyone else bombed it even worse than you did.

Also, it doesn’t show everything we learned. In class we learned to analyze Shakespeare and how to tell when he was making sex jokes or not. Where in the EOCT does it ask, “Which of the following is a sex joke?”

Answer: NEVER.

…aaaand now it just sounds like all we learned about in Language Arts was sex jokes.

-cough-But we did talk about them -cough-

So if you guys don’t mind, I have a few chapters of Great Expectations to be getting through.



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2 responses to “This is a Post about EOCT

  1. The sex jokes were the best part of Shakespeare, though. :p

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