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This is The End

NOTE: For the full depressing effect of this post, read while listening to a sad break up song, something like Better That We Break by Maroon 5

Yes, that’s right kids. This is not a post about the end, it is, quite simply, the end.

So after what I would like to think was a successful run, it’s time to shut this place down.

I mean, technically I could keep this place going but I don’t think I want to. Eventually everyone would lose interest and it would basically just be me typing random stuff no one cares about and just reading it over and over again all on my lonesome. Sad, right? I’d rather keep it like this and remember it as that blog that people liked to read instead of the blog that people used to like to read but gave up on.

I don’t really have that much to talk about on here anyways. My life is pretty darn boring, I just make it sound interesting. Without those little prompts I’m just a hot mess. I will miss being able to review drama productions and just ramble about them without anyone telling me to shut up, and if I ever decide to pick this place back up I would probably devote it that, but eh. I feel like I should just let it be before it becomes some sort of task instead of being something that I enjoy doing.

So right. Sorry if this is disappointing to any of you, but I’ve got a facebook and all that good stuff. Go find me there if you want to hear about my life, unless you don’t have a facebook, in which case you technically don’t exist. True facts right there. Also, I have a problem with forgetting to accept friend requests so you can yell at me to remind me and I’ll accept it…


Don’t get me wrong though, if any of you guys decided to keep your blog going, I’d be there. Like, right there. Front row. That creepy girl that camps out over night just to be the first one there. That’s me.

…nice place you got here.

So uh…yeah.
This got kind of depressing so I’ll move on to stats now.

Over the year, we’ve seen a lot of things here at This is a Blog and I have numbers that proved they happened (some may be made up, but don’t tell anyone that). So as of May 10th of 2012 at approximately 1:30 AM EST, here are the final statistics.

Total number of views: 5063

Highest number of views on one day: 95

Total number of comments: 331

Top commenter:

Glasses of water drank: 34

Bathroom breaks taken: 34

Best Lake class in the whole world – deal with it bro: 2nd Period

Desks flipped: 51

Monitors punched: 189

Red pandas hugged: – 5

Seconds spent staring at a lamp: 14,383,421

And those are all the important ones, I believe.

I feel like I should try to end this on a high note. So…high C.

Heh heh…get it?

I’m going to miss making stupid puns like that.

Alright, well that’s enough out of me. Stay cool, guys.

Thanks for reading!



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This is a Post about the Drama Department


Here we are.

End of the school year.

No more school plays for an entire summer.



Those of you who have read this blog before probably know that I really enjoy reviewing the school plays, and I thought I would slip in a final one before I stop updating this place. The only problem being that there really is no final school performance or anything, so I just decided I would have to review the entire freaking drama department. Don’t think I can do it? HA HA HA – yeah I don’t think I can either, but I sure as heck can try.

WARNING: This next section may be extremely cheesy. Proceed with caution.

So to start off this whole little rant, I’m just going to start off with the fact that I honestly appreciate everything that goes into making a play.

Really, I do.

It’s more than just the actors, or just the tech crew, or just the directors; it’s everything together.

Theatre seems like a very delicate thing to me. Not enough light? Can’t see anything. Too much? Great job, you ruined the atmosphere. Have to act out your lines with just the right amount of emotion and can’t let things get too out of hand or everything ends up sounding ridiculous. Get to your spot at this time, get here on this cue. It’s especially evident in things like the yearly musical where it’s almost like you can feel all the effort put into it with every passing second, kind of like when you can feel a heart attack coming on whenever you eat a greasy burger.

And yes, that analogy was entirely necessary.

But it’s all worth it in the end because the final result is amazing. Just…next time you’re in the theatre, stop and take a moment to look around. Nearly everyone shares the same emotions at the same time, and you can really see that in their faces. Maybe it’s everyone laughing at a funny joke, or the entire room getting dead quiet at a serious part, but everyone’s fixated on the stage waiting for the next scene to play out. For lack of a better adjective, it’s just…cool.

This is only my first year actually finding out about this whole drama stuff, but I still feel like this whole year has been really memorable. I mean, I can still remember specific lines from wax museum and still getting songs from Little Shop of Horrors stuck in my head during the most inconvenient times.

Little shop, little shop of horrors, bop sh’bop…

So to everyone who has ever been involved in a drama production, you’re awesome. No matter how minor that part was, you’re still awesome.

If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, you look them straight in the eyes and you tell them, “Some person on the internet told me I was awesome because I’m in the drama department, so obviously it must be true.”And then you can walk away with your head held high because it is true…at least, to me it is.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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This is a Post about EOCT

Today is Sunday, and blogs are due by Monday, which means if I don’t get this post done within four hours, I’m in some deep shiz.

But worry not, for I am here to finish this right. Now.

So for most of us, the EOC’s are coming up. And EOCTs are stupid.

Like trying to kill a fish by drowning it. You may be thinking, “Who would be stupid enough to do that?”. I’ll tell you who. If the EOCT was a person, it would definitely try to drown a fish.


Just, stupid.


Now that my tyrannical string of elementary level insults is over, I can explain why I think that the EOCTs are stupid.

For one thing, there’s the bell curve.

I don’t like the whole bell curve thing at all. Yeah yeah, they use it in colleges and whatever, but I still think it’s stupid. How well you did pretty much depends on how well everyone else did. So even if you’re a complete idiot (which I’m sure you are not) and bomb the test, it doesn’t matter as long as everyone else bombed it even worse than you did.

Also, it doesn’t show everything we learned. In class we learned to analyze Shakespeare and how to tell when he was making sex jokes or not. Where in the EOCT does it ask, “Which of the following is a sex joke?”

Answer: NEVER.

…aaaand now it just sounds like all we learned about in Language Arts was sex jokes.

-cough-But we did talk about them -cough-

So if you guys don’t mind, I have a few chapters of Great Expectations to be getting through.


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This is a Post about Style

Alright, so there’s this one blog I really really like.

It’s super interesting and entertaining and I love to read it. Seriously, I feel like rainbows come spilling out of my eyes every time I read a post by this person.

Just thinking about it is making my eyes water with beautiful, glorious colors.

Wanna know which one it is?

Okay. Step one, click on this link:

Step two, hover your mouse over the list of links on the side.

I know you're excited, but please, calm down.

And for the final step, you…

have to…



Okay yeah I can’t choose any of them. It’s like when the evil villain dangles the love interest and the sidekick over a pit of lava and the superhero has to choose just one.

I can’t do it.

I’m weak.

Just…just go…leave me to wallow in my inability to choose a blog.





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This is a Post about Vaudeville

I’m late.

So very, awfully late.

The vaudeville show was on the Friday before spring break and I haven’t even gotten around to writing about it. What kind of monster am I?

But seriously, I wasn’t even going to write this at all because everyone probably wouldn’t even care, but I felt like I cheated. Like there was some mysterious force in the universe punching me in the face for being lazy, and then kicking me in the gut when I was down. Well, maybe not that harsh, maybe like a slap on the wrist or something. Same thing.

I dunno how, but I felt emptiness in my heart. Or at least, where my heart would be if I hadn’t sold it on the black market for a Klondike bar that one time.

Totally worth it.

So! Moving onwards and upwards as we always do here at This is a Blog, I’m going to actually talk about the vaudeville show now because that’s what I’m supposed to do when I make a blog post like this.

Crazy, I know. But please, try to hold in your astonishment.

Anyways, I actually really like big band and swing style music which, according to wikipedia, came around the end of the vaudeville era, so I was pretty excited to see how the theatre was like back then too.

I do like the way that they had several acts to try and get a little bit of everything that made vaudeville, well, vaudeville. Some comedy, burlesque like acts, and magic. It’s like that big box of variety cereal that you can buy at stores.

Yes, I did just compare vaudeville to cereal, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Also, there are two boxes of mini-wheats in that picture above, just something I wanted to point out.

I’m supposed to be talking about something else, aren’t I?

So so so, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the comedy routine. I actually read through the script of Who’s on First? sometime ago and I didn’t find it funny at all. But somehow, seeing it performed made it hilarious, and I have no idea why. It was just…funny. I watched it twice and I laughed both times. Seriously, what kind of black magic are they using?

SPEAKING OF MAGIC, how about those magic acts? (Like that little transition I used there? Huh? Pretty nice, isn’t it?) I actually do a little bit of magic on the side as a little hobby, but I can’t do big stage magic like that, so that stuff was pretty cool. Like Who’s on First, I’ve seen those tricks performed a few times on the tv or something like that, but seeing it happen right in front of you in mindblowing.

It was black and white, too, just like this.

All the other acts were just as enjoyable though. Sequins and mimes everywhere.

It was fantastic.

So there we go, void in my soul is now fixed. I’m gonna go get that Klondike bar now…

Yup, still worth it.

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This is a Post about Spring Break

Hey guys!

So guess who did absolutely nothing for spring break?

Did you say me? Huh? Didya? Cause you’re right if you did! …and stupid if you didn’t.

Just kidding. I still love you, even with your slightly lower than average intelligence.

Okay, I’m gonna stop with the stupid jokes now in case I insult someone and the internet police come and arrest me.

"I swear I didn't mean it officer!"

So like I said earlier, I had a completely uneventful spring break. I didn’t really live that week, just kinda existed. You know, sleep, wake up, eat, sleep again. That’s it.

No trips. No appointments. No accidents.


Just sleep.

I would sleep from 5 in the morning till 6 in the evening and then wake up. And after I woke up, I would roll over and sleep some more. If I didn’t need to do things like use the bathroom, I’m pretty sure I would have undergone a week of pure hibernation.

Livin' the dream.

And yeah.

That’s pretty much it.

I mean, I can’t really write about sleeping. It’s just…sleeping. I didn’t even dream anything interesting, that’s how boring it was. I just sleep for like thirteen hours straight, passed out like a rock. It’s fantastic though.

So I’ll just leave this here.



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This is a Post about Little Shop of Horrors

Alright, usually I don’t write about school plays that can be done for extra credit, the logic being that many students will write their own review and have their fill of the play by then. But Little Shop of Horrors?

Screw the police, I’m writing about it.

I-I mean, I love the authorities! Ha ha...ha...


I just watched the musical twice and lemme tell you something, I don’t regret it at all. Now, I actually watched Little Shop the movie a while ago and I liked the story and all that, but that means bias and all. Maybe I didn’t like it because it was a good performance, but just because I like Little Shop overall. Ha ha ha, oh you silly little…ha ha ha…


Seriously, the music is catchy as anything and the acting is great as usual. Plus, whenever a huge group gets on stage to sing, the harmonizing is just…just…HNNNNNG so beautiful.

Anyways, I want to talk about a few specific parts of the play so if you haven’t watched then…avert your eyes.

Exhibit A.

Okay, I just want to start in the beginning-ish part when everyone comes out to sing “Skid Row”. But it’s not just everyone charging onto the stage, guns a blazing and everyone trying to out sing one another because obviously that’s how all musicals work (that was sarcasm, and I say this because they have yet to develop a font that let’s you express sarcasm). No no, it’s this slow buildup that starts out with a small group of people. Then the group starts to grow larger and the added notes make the song sound fuller. Suddenly, pretty much the entire cast and their great grandmothers come streaming in from all the entrances and their voices (which all sound fantastic, by the way) develop into this one full note and then it cuts off for Seymour’s section, and then the mood drops about twenty levels on the musical happiness scale. And everyone starts to get all touchy feely, some people grabbing their chests or groping at the air like they’ll suddenly grab something at any moment.

Oh oh, and then when Mushnik asks Seymour to be his son, those shoulder shimmies are the best part of the choreography. This number got cut out from the movie, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the fact it’s not in the movie is a crying shame. Easily the funniest scenes in the entire musical, complete with pelvic thrusts and a little tango in the middle.

Instant success: just add tango.

Speaking of songs cut from the movie, I am ridiculously disappointed that “Now (It’s Just the Gas)” didn’t make it. I mean, yeah sure, it was pretty funny because of some of the movements and the overall mood of the musical, but this scene is pretty disturbing if you think about it. Really, can you imagine slowly suffocating to your death while your only source of help simply watches? Not to mention you continue your involuntary laughing even while death slowly stares you in the face.

Seriously. Just…ughhhh. -shivers-

…so I’ve been talking pretty technical up to this point but I’m…I’m just gonna gush now. Is it okay if I gush? I’m going to gush.

Gushing in


Seriously, I do feel bad for anyone who missed out on it. The singing was great, everyone has such good voices that I just lasdjfklsd.

And-and the sets were pretty freaking awesome too. Did you see how big the plant was? DID YOU SEE IT? And then the buildings in the background, the way they were lit made them look so cool.

A-And at the end, when everyone just comes bursting out and running through the aisles and dancing and singing and everyone’s looking around because they don’t know who to look at first and the band is blaring in the background and then suddenly everyone’s back on stage and then bowing it was just…FFFFFFFU –

Alright alright, lemme calm down for a second. I just…need some air.

Deep breaths...deeeeep breaths...

Whew, okay, we’re all good.

However, I do have one tiny issue concerning the musical…







…I’m just sorry that I couldn’t watch it on Thursday and Sunday, too.


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