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This is The End

NOTE: For the full depressing effect of this post, read while listening to a sad break up song, something like Better That We Break by Maroon 5

Yes, that’s right kids. This is not a post about the end, it is, quite simply, the end.

So after what I would like to think was a successful run, it’s time to shut this place down.

I mean, technically I could keep this place going but I don’t think I want to. Eventually everyone would lose interest and it would basically just be me typing random stuff no one cares about and just reading it over and over again all on my lonesome. Sad, right? I’d rather keep it like this and remember it as that blog that people liked to read instead of the blog that people used to like to read but gave up on.

I don’t really have that much to talk about on here anyways. My life is pretty darn boring, I just make it sound interesting. Without those little prompts I’m just a hot mess. I will miss being able to review drama productions and just ramble about them without anyone telling me to shut up, and if I ever decide to pick this place back up I would probably devote it that, but eh. I feel like I should just let it be before it becomes some sort of task instead of being something that I enjoy doing.

So right. Sorry if this is disappointing to any of you, but I’ve got a facebook and all that good stuff. Go find me there if you want to hear about my life, unless you don’t have a facebook, in which case you technically don’t exist. True facts right there. Also, I have a problem with forgetting to accept friend requests so you can yell at me to remind me and I’ll accept it…


Don’t get me wrong though, if any of you guys decided to keep your blog going, I’d be there. Like, right there. Front row. That creepy girl that camps out over night just to be the first one there. That’s me.

…nice place you got here.

So uh…yeah.
This got kind of depressing so I’ll move on to stats now.

Over the year, we’ve seen a lot of things here at This is a Blog and I have numbers that proved they happened (some may be made up, but don’t tell anyone that). So as of May 10th of 2012 at approximately 1:30 AM EST, here are the final statistics.

Total number of views: 5063

Highest number of views on one day: 95

Total number of comments: 331

Top commenter: http://nancyness97.wordpress.com/

Glasses of water drank: 34

Bathroom breaks taken: 34

Best Lake class in the whole world – deal with it bro: 2nd Period

Desks flipped: 51

Monitors punched: 189

Red pandas hugged: – 5

Seconds spent staring at a lamp: 14,383,421

And those are all the important ones, I believe.

I feel like I should try to end this on a high note. So…high C.

Heh heh…get it?

I’m going to miss making stupid puns like that.

Alright, well that’s enough out of me. Stay cool, guys.

Thanks for reading!



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