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This is a Post about Little Shop of Horrors

Alright, usually I don’t write about school plays that can be done for extra credit, the logic being that many students will write their own review and have their fill of the play by then. But Little Shop of Horrors?

Screw the police, I’m writing about it.

I-I mean, I love the authorities! Ha ha...ha...


I just watched the musical twice and lemme tell you something, I don’t regret it at all. Now, I actually watched Little Shop the movie a while ago and I liked the story and all that, but that means bias and all. Maybe I didn’t like it because it was a good performance, but just because I like Little Shop overall. Ha ha ha, oh you silly little…ha ha ha…


Seriously, the music is catchy as anything and the acting is great as usual. Plus, whenever a huge group gets on stage to sing, the harmonizing is just…just…HNNNNNG so beautiful.

Anyways, I want to talk about a few specific parts of the play so if you haven’t watched then…avert your eyes.

Exhibit A.

Okay, I just want to start in the beginning-ish part when everyone comes out to sing “Skid Row”. But it’s not just everyone charging onto the stage, guns a blazing and everyone trying to out sing one another because obviously that’s how all musicals work (that was sarcasm, and I say this because they have yet to develop a font that let’s you express sarcasm). No no, it’s this slow buildup that starts out with a small group of people. Then the group starts to grow larger and the added notes make the song sound fuller. Suddenly, pretty much the entire cast and their great grandmothers come streaming in from all the entrances and their voices (which all sound fantastic, by the way) develop into this one full note and then it cuts off for Seymour’s section, and then the mood drops about twenty levels on the musical happiness scale. And everyone starts to get all touchy feely, some people grabbing their chests or groping at the air like they’ll suddenly grab something at any moment.

Oh oh, and then when Mushnik asks Seymour to be his son, those shoulder shimmies are the best part of the choreography. This number got cut out from the movie, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the fact it’s not in the movie is a crying shame. Easily the funniest scenes in the entire musical, complete with pelvic thrusts and a little tango in the middle.

Instant success: just add tango.

Speaking of songs cut from the movie, I am ridiculously disappointed that “Now (It’s Just the Gas)” didn’t make it. I mean, yeah sure, it was pretty funny because of some of the movements and the overall mood of the musical, but this scene is pretty disturbing if you think about it. Really, can you imagine slowly suffocating to your death while your only source of help simply watches? Not to mention you continue your involuntary laughing even while death slowly stares you in the face.

Seriously. Just…ughhhh. -shivers-

…so I’ve been talking pretty technical up to this point but I’m…I’m just gonna gush now. Is it okay if I gush? I’m going to gush.

Gushing in three...two...one...


Seriously, I do feel bad for anyone who missed out on it. The singing was great, everyone has such good voices that I just lasdjfklsd.

And-and the sets were pretty freaking awesome too. Did you see how big the plant was? DID YOU SEE IT? And then the buildings in the background, the way they were lit made them look so cool.

A-And at the end, when everyone just comes bursting out and running through the aisles and dancing and singing and everyone’s looking around because they don’t know who to look at first and the band is blaring in the background and then suddenly everyone’s back on stage and then bowing it was just…FFFFFFFU –

Alright alright, lemme calm down for a second. I just…need some air.

Deep breaths...deeeeep breaths...

Whew, okay, we’re all good.

However, I do have one tiny issue concerning the musical…







…I’m just sorry that I couldn’t watch it on Thursday and Sunday, too.



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